The Swiss Consulting

What they said


- In Statistical Process Control Training, I have gained the ability to create graphics using data and to interpret the graphics to improve the process.


- GMP-PIC / S integration training is very efficient and efficient Examples were compiled. 

- Risk Analysis, Methods, Management Practice Training is fluid and understandable. 

- Cleaning validation and equipment clearance controls and calculations were the most interesting in this training.

- The training was very good, I find it very beneficial to share experiences.


- It was most interesting to learn how to select the proper conditions for the HPLC columns and the method during the validation phase.

- Thanks to the current applications in Analytical Method Validations, the parameters that can be applied in addition to the individual analysis were used to teach the different guideline benefits.

- Analytical method development, I think that giving examples about how to follow a path through molecular structure will benefit me in this training.


- The content of the presentations is satisfactory and satisfies expectations.
The presentations are clear and appropriate.